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List Property Expedia

Listing Property with Expedia for Vacation Rentals

List Property Expedia

List Property Expedia

Get ready for more bookings when you list your property on Expedia! Follow this easy guide and start increasing the visibility of your vacation home today.

Listing your property on Expedia is a great way to increase visibility and drive more bookings for your vacation home. With this easy guide, you’ll be well on your way to increasing bookings by listing your property quickly and efficiently on Expedia.

List Property Expedia

Sign up for Expedia Partner Central.

After signing up for a free account, you need to set up an Expedia Partner Central account.

To do this, log into the Partner Central homepage, where you will be prompted to fill out some basic information about yourself and your business, such as property type and size.

Once completed, click the “Go Live” button to begin setting up your Expedia listing.

Enter Your Property Details.

You’ll need to provide essential information about your property in order to list it with Expedia. This includes specifics such as square footage, rental price, bedroom count, and description of amenities.

You will also need to fill out information regarding your policies, such as house rules and refund policies. Additionally, you’ll be prompted to upload photos for potential guests to view.

Finally, submit the listing for review before it is made publicly visible on the booking portal.

Describe Your Accommodation and Amenities.

Be sure to provide a detailed description of your vacation home that accurately reflects the space and features available for guests. Include discussion of amenities such as Wi-Fi, parking availability, spa, kitchen facilities, and other perks. This will help potential guests envision themselves in their stay and understand the value you are providing with your rental property. Additionally, include pictures or videos so they can get a better feel for the space before they book it.

Set Pricing and Availability.

After you have listed your property, it’s time to set pricing and availability. You’ll need to decide which dates are available for rental and mark them as blocked off during the calendar feature. Look up current market rates based on similar listings in the area so you can price your rental competitively. Be sure to also include any additional cleaning fees or surcharges that apply. Finally, consider adding a maximum occupancy limit to ensure your guests have the best experience possible during their stay.

Identify the Payment Options You Accept.

When deciding what payment options you’re willing to accept, it is important to be familiar with the payment requirements from Expedia.

In most cases, you have the option to accept credit cards or debit cards as forms of payment. Depending on your region, some destinations may also allow for payments through PayPal or other digital wallets. Be sure to do your research to identify any fees associated with each form of payment and update your listing accordingly.

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